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An automated teller machine (ATM) is an electronic banking outlet, which allows customers to complete basic transactions without the aid of a branch representative or teller. We can provide you with any number of different ATM machines, from numerous industry leading manufacturers, to best suit the needs of your company. 


The benefits of ATM for banks & branches are:

  • Is an alternative to extend banking hours

  • Is cheaper if transaction are large in number,thereby,reducing footfall at the

  • Is an alternative to opening new branches

  • Reduces the operating expenses of the bank

  • Helps abnks to avoid transportation of cash and cash handling empoyees

  • Can be located in any convinient location in any form as wall unit,lobby unit or a window unit.

  • Increase market penetration

  • Relieve the bank employees from routine transactions so that they can focus more on analytical and innocative work

  • Enables bank officials to up-sell or cross-sell either same products or different products

from a variety of different vendors

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